CAC | SCUML | LSPPA Registration

  • We offer range of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) services which includes: Registration/Renewal of Business Name, Limited Liability Company, Change of Director’s Name, Share increase, NGO, Churches, Association, Trademark, Patent, Copyright etc. and we guarantee an excellent service delivery and we deliver timely as we do not waste time at all.
  • We assist in processing and Obtaining Special Control Unit on Money Laundering (SCUML) Certificate from EFCC to protect our Clients corporate account from money laundering issues.
  • We offer supports to our Clients with the Lagos State Public Procurement Authority (LSPPA) Registration and Renewal of their Companies with the Authority.

CAC Registration Requirement

Requirements for Registration of NGO /Association

  • Two (2) names  options.
  • Address to be used as head office
  • At least 3-8 Adult Trustees with their ( Full names, House addresses, their  Occupation)
  • Identify who is President or Chairman, Secretary, Patron, etc
  • Each Trustees to submit copy of valid means of Identification like National ID or PVC or Driver’s license or International Passport, two(2) copies of recent passport photos of each Trustee
  • List of names of Members  at least 5 Members of the NGO/Association
  • Phone numbers of all the Trustees 
  • Select about 1-4 aims of the NGO/Association
  • Trustees  signature specimen, means of ID and passport photo to be scanned and sent to our e-mail


-NGO or association takes 1 month and 7 working days



Requirements for Limited Liability Company Registration

  1. Two (2) names as options
  2. At least 2 Adult Directors and Shareholders
  3. Sharing formula of share capital
  4. Full names of All Directors, house address,
  5. Full names, addresses, email and phone number of Secretary
  6. Address you want to use as office
  7. Emails and phone numbers
  8. All Directors and Secretary must have valid means of Identification like National ID or PVC or Driver’s license or International Passport
  9. Select about 1-7 types of services and businesses you want to do
  10. All Directors and Secretary will sign their signatures thrice on plain white paper, scan and send to our email alongside scanned copies of their means of Identity.



    -Limited takes takes 4 working days after name is approved




SCUML Registration Requirement

Requirements for Business Name Registration

  1. Two (2) names as options
  2. Name of director
  3. Home address,
  4. Office address,
  5. Nature of business,
  6. Phone no,
  7. Email
  8. Date of birth,
  9. 2 passport,
  10. Scan means of ID and passport photo.

Takes 4 working days after name is approved.

Requirements for SCUML Registration are:

  1. Certificate of incorporation / registration
  2. Form CAC 1.1 (form CO2 and CO7 for old registration)
  3. Memorandum and article of Association
  4. Tax certificate or TIN print out
  5. Company profile
  6. Incorporation of Trustees
  7. Constitution as regards NPOs (Non Profit Organisation)
  8. Professional certificate (for professionals)
  9. BVN and Bank details (Account name and number).
  10. Valid means of identification like drivers license / voters card / Int’l passport / National identity card
  11. All documents are to scanned and sent to our mail